The Grand Opening Week-end of events was kicked off with Jummah Prayer on Friday, August 6th, 2010. Standing room only existed in the newly constructed, 1st of its kind, Masjid Warithuddeen Mohammed. Performing the Kutbah for Jummah prayer was MWDM Resident Imam, Wazir Ali, who graciously welcomed all of the visitors, distinguished guests , friends and family of the renamed Houston Masjid of Al-Islam, Hous-ton’s Oldest Masjid. Cutting Ceremonies held on Sat-urday, proved to be the high-lights of the weekend’s festivi-ties. Several Houston area dig-nitaries and Muslim Community leaders were present to partici-pate in and witness the official ribbon cutting ceremony and grand opening event for Masjid Warithuddeen Mohammed. Several Official Proclamations were received and G_D blessed the attendees with a beautiful August day!! The Grand Opening Fundraiser Banquet was held on Saturday night at the Houston Hilton Hotel. The event hosted more than 300 participants. Funds raised will go towards the continued maintenance of the newly constructed Masjid. The early hours of Sunday morning brought with it the smiling faces of those in attendance at the Ta’leem service which began at 9am and featured visiting Imams from around the country as well as several local MWDM leaders. The Theme for Taleem was, ‘In Honor Of Imam Waritud-deen Mohammed’ where each representative spoke personally of their own ex-periences with the Imam or his influence on their lives. The Public Address fol-lowed the morning session and featured renowned Imam Qasim Ahmed.

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