Ramadan Session 2012

The Believers of Detroit, Michigan hosted this year’s Mosque Cares Ramadan Session 2012. In close cooperation with the Believers of the New Jersey area, the event was electrifying. Located at the downtown Doubletree Hotel, participants were served up the best Islamic knowledge, practices, and passion. The Mosque Cares Ramadan Session drew attendees, presenters, and vendors from around the country. Masjid Warithuddeen Mohammed was represented by Sister Naimah Bey and Sister Muhsinah M. Toure.
Imam Abdullah Rasheed was a featured presenter. He addressed the general audience calling all to be active in establishing community life in a way that appeals to and supports our youth. To clarify his point, Imam Abdullah shared his personal experience as a youth being reared as a Muslim. He expressed his yearning for a Muslim Youth Community Center where he might have enjoyed swimming, basketball, karate tournaments and such. He wondered what impact upon his Islamic life could have come from enjoying his love of sports in an environment with no foul language and no threat of violence. Imam Abdullah’s appeal was met with a response from Wallace D. Mohammed II: “I just want to let our young Brother Imam Abdullah know, you will have that center. We will build a youth center for our youth. You have the word of Mosque Cares on that.”
The Mosque Cares Ramadan Session 2012 lived up to the standards and the expectations of our Beloved Leader Imam Warithud Deen Mohammed (R.A.A.).

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