Imam W. Deen Mohammed

Given the name at birth of Wallace D. Mohammed, Imam W. Deen Mohammed was born October 30, 1933, to the builder and leader of the Nation of Islam, the late Honorable Elijah (Poole) Muhammed and the late Clara (Evans) Muhammed.
Imam Warithuddeen MohammedHe has been the leader of the largest identifiable constituency of Muslim Americans and is recognized worldwide as a Muslim scholar. Imam Mohammed has been a frequent participant in countless national gatherings, international gatherings and meeting with other important world leaders for the purpose of improving the global human condition.
Imam Warithuddeen Mohammed

Imam Mohammed has conducted public forums and individual classroom presentations at the following institutions of higher learning: Yale's Divinity School, Harvard, Duke, Howard, Emory, Georgetown, Fordham, Jackson State, Washington University and many others. His diverse topics include Religion, Government, Education, Business, History, World Issues, Psychology, Science, Social Values and topics to address the sponsors specific concerns.

A Champion of Intellectual Freedom

Imam Mohammed is a champion of intellectual freedom and independent thinking. He desired for the human being to have peace in the soul and peace in the community. Imam Mohammed's life works resonate and reflect the ideals of peace, universal human acceptance, establishing interfaith relationships and a cherished appreciation for America and her guarantee of Freedom, Justice and Equality.