Were You There?? If you missed Culture Night, you definitely missed a treat. There was some great mind stimulating poetry being shared as well as magnificent vocal talents. Participants spanned the gambit from 4 to forty something, within the Ummah and visitors too. Those in attendance saw a different side our Imam’s Class with Brother’s Elijah, Ahmad, Abdullah, and even Imam Wazir Ali dropping verses of a different flavor. As Host and our resident poet extraordinaire, Bro. Talib Qiyam did an outstanding job and shared much of his new CD, “The Transition of a Man” available at Masjid WDM and online at www.Talibqiyam.com

The opportunity to witness the talent that we have within this community is a total blessing. In my opinion, the most beautiful part of the evening was witnessing our youth explore and execute their talents through storytelling and Quranic recitation. I’m definitely looking forward to the next event and so should you. Bros. Talib Qiyam & Ahmad Shaheed.

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