What is Muslim education? Muslim education is Qur'anic based knowledge; now if we've got a Muslim school and we're talking about we're teaching Muslims then we should be forming our whole curriculum to agree with Qur'anic basic knowledge.  Then that's Muslim education; we shouldn't come with foreign ideas, foreign plans, foreign philosophy, foreign psychological strategies for operating schools, for motivating students; we should first look at the Qur'an and see what it establishes as principles and guidelines for us in our curriculum of education, this is what we have been trying to do and we're making great  improvements it doesn't mean that all of us start talking like Arabs, that the students wear desert robes or Nehru jackets and carry miswacks and Dhikr beads and throw out all the chairs and sit on the floor and read Qur'an with scarves and things like they do in primitive society; it doesn't mean that that's nuts man; it doesn't mean that you have to resemble a Pakistani to keep your Islamic nature, no indeed.  I'm not to copy the personality of other nationals in this Religion; I am to build on the excellence of my own inheritance as a people.  Whatever good is in my race I'm to build upon that good, I'm to build upon that good until I have my own distinct ethnic or cultural personality.  That people can readily see that I have an inheritance from my race and from my ancestors that has not been wiped out.
By Imam W. Deen Mohammaed
Courtesy of Language –Commentaries –of WDeenMohammed

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