Imam Warithudeenm Mohammed

I was in the audience like you and with you and we heard the Honorable Elijah Mohammed say, "We're going to get everyone of them." Now, that's my belief, that if we have something good it is for all our people. But should we wait for them to become Muslims? We're supposed to be helping them. We don't have to wait for them to become Muslims. The Honorable Elijah Mohammed built bakeries under his leadership we did it. He's a figure that we have to recognize who started everything. Bakeries, restaurants, clothing stores, printing press for the paper and all those things; thousands of acres of farmland and trucks to bring in the good etc., bringing watermelons, a big, big picture.

So he opened up jobs for non-Muslims, didn't He? And non-Muslims were working, not just Muslims. He provided jobs for them. We should do the same thing now. But we should be more serious about building the life of a community and the life of a people who need their community life built up. We should be more about that than we are about looking at business and dollars coming in from business. And if we do that, if we are motivated by a desire to see community life and neighborhood life improved and made better and the quality of our families made better, if we are serious about that, that is the opening for business. Business will thrive and grow and money will be coming in. Don't worry about that. That's second to the most important. Do the most important. Have the spirit of the most important and that which comes second it will be so much until you will be shocked. You will amazed and say, "Wow!"
Yes. So let us get back to that mind that the Honorable Elijah Muhammed and his teacher wanted us to be in; that we are a hope. We want to be a hope for our people and an answer to their prayers, better conditions for all African Americans coming as a result of our mission in these United States, better conditions for all African Americans. And we should not turn down anybody. Look at the human content as Dr. King said. Look at the human content and if the human content is there we have to give them all we've got. That's right.
So we're going to have some Caucasians, non-African American, some whites. We will have different people, some Spanish. We have them already. The Honorable Elijah Muhammed had them but their numbers will grow when they learn that we're working really for the human shrine, to establish the human shrine, sacredness of the human life. When they know that we're going that with a vision for community betterment, community progress, believe me, there are going to be more than just us coming. But don't think that you have to have them and don't be afraid of their presence.

Some of us we only have the courage to give our enthusiasm and our support if it is all black. If we think we're going to have some members of others ethnic groups there we lose spirit. I said some of us, not all of us. But there are some of us like that. Don't feel that. There is nobody who can come in here...E.T. can't come in here like that and make us feel small. Nobody can come in here and make us feel small. I don't care who they are or where they are from. They cannot come in this place and make us feel small.
So don't you be ashamed to work along beside them. Don't you be ashamed to use broken English in their presence. If that's all you have, you have to use something. They say Moses' tongue was tied, but G_d still chose him and he still did a marvelous work. Be like Moses, ask G_d to untie that knot in your tongue. Don't be satisfied with it. Moses asked G_d to untie that knot, so you do the same.


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