Both young and not so young members of the Houston Ummah, strapped up their laces and joined the MWDM Youth Committee for its first event of 2012 on Saturday, March 17th at the Dairy Ashford Roller Rink. The novice and experienced skaters all wore smiles as they enjoyed Muslim fellowship and a few hard spills onto the floor.
The MWDM Youth committee serves to not only develop leadership skills in the youth of our community, but to provide an atmosphere to develop a sense of community among the youth through programming and activities. This was the 1st of four planned events hosted by the youth committee each with a differing theme: Family, Education, Community Service and Scholarship. Please support the members of the youth committee for their Community Service Project where they will be helping to beautify the Masjid on Sunday, April 22nd from 9am until noon.

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